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Food Forming Machine (Superbowl H102)

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Food Forming Machine (Superbowl H102)

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 Model Number

Superbowl H102

Hanyoung FMT developed automatic food forming machine for the first time in Korea.
This machine can make hamburger patties,nugget,cookies and meatball etc.
Machine's capacity is 1,800pcs / hour. if use 1hole type mold.
Thickness control can adjust the weight of the product.
When you replace mold, You can produce products of various shapes like square, circle, meatball, nugget, cookies...
Machine made from stainless steel 304. And Q Mark certified.
SEW-EURODRIVE Company's motors will ensure durability.

  • Model no. : H102
  • Dimension : L900 X W730 X H900mm (Wood packing size : L1000 X W500 X H1000mm)
  • Power Consumption : 220V. 60Hz. 3.5A. 450W ( Voltage can be changed )
  • Moter spec. : SEW EURODRIVE Ø3 , 750W , 220V
  • Hopper size : 40 liter
  • Maximum weight of the product : 120 X 116 X H24 (mm)
  • Mold size : Below 120 X 116 (mm), 1~4 holes
  • Production capacity : 1800pcs/h ( By a hole ) Speed can be adjusted
  • Net Weight : 70Kg (Wood packing weight : 80kg)

Feature : Paper feeding unit , Automatic scrap remover
Safety device : Hopper door sensor , Regular position sensor



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